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The Polar Bear League is an Individual League and a Team League running concurrently shot at 50 yard/50 metre for prone Small-bore shooters, shot over nine rounds with ten competitors in each division. Each round has a maximum score of 200 i.e. 20 shots on 4 diagrams using targets as supplied by the N.S.R.A. The divisions are arranged in such a way so that the competitors are only competing against those of equal ability. To enter, a shooter submits their current average, which has to be verified by an Officer of their club, or that which they attained at the end of the previous season in the League.

There are two competitions each year, namely Summer League, which spans May to September with a round each two weeks, and the Winter League, which spans October to March with a round each three weeks. An often asked question is "Why clause 8" in the conditions. This was considered by all participating clubs in 1987 and except for ONE club it was agreed to keep this rule because it stopped some shooters from completing their nine cards during the better weather. The other reason for combining three rounds is because it represents Three English Matches which is an Internationally recognized length of a competition. For specific rules and conditions of competition please return to the top of the page and select Conditions and Rules, there you will find the current set for this terms competition.