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As such there is no Constitution. The League is organized by a very experienced shooter. Any variation to the conditions and rules is offered to all participating Clubs for their comment, opinion and agreement or otherwise, and the majority holds the floor. Placement in Divisions is done by 'the sort, in the program that runs the Leagues according to submitted average or from a previous season average.

NO data held on the league computer is passed to any other person or organisation.

The proceeds from entry fees cover the running costs, i.e. paper, stickers and printer inks and most postage, and helps towards Broadband, the telephone bill, laminating the certificates and the materials to produce the same.  Some money has had to go towards replacing equipment, maintenance and removing  viruses.

 Excess of income over expenditure, after the above, in earlier years has been  given to Various charities, now we are helping our own sport by contributing to a number of clubs to better their ranges and BUILD their own ranges, indoor and outdoor.

 Available now are gift vouchers for participating clubs, 15 for first entry received, and from a draw, 15 to a club with 3 individuals PLUS one team, 20 to a club with 6 individuals PLUS TWO teams, 25 to a club with 9 individuals PLUS Three teams, and 30 to the club entering the most individuals. These , at the moment, can be used towards entry fees for the following seasons.