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We are an organization running a league system for Small-bore target shooters using approved and supervised ranges belonging to clubs that are registered with The National Small-bore Rifle Association or the National Association of their country. The firearms used must be licensed by the Police and conform to N.S.R.A. regulations or to UIT rules and regulations.
    To the casual visitor, Our sport is more stringently supervised than any other sport and always has been. All clubs have a very strict sequence of procedures before a person can become full member. This involves a six-month probation period during which time the applicant is expected to make regular appearances, show responsibility and awareness.
    Before that person is allowed to use the ranges they must attend a training program unless they can produces evidence of competence from another recognized club then the training program may not be necessary. A person may not own or purchase a firearm unless they can prove their club membership and that they have been granted a Firearms Certificate from the Police Force of their residential address. Most clubs however have some firearms that may be used by beginners under supervision. Jackets, slings, gloves and other bits and pieces are also available. All clubs welcome interested visitors by prior arrangement, a contact telephone number is usually obtainable from your local Police station or the National Small-bore Rifle Association or indeed The National Association of your Country.

Some useful phone numbers and e-mail addresses etc.

N.S.R.A phone 01483 485500 e-mail: info@nsra.co.uk website www.nsra.co.uk

HPS.ltd Shooting Accessories and advice
01452 729888 e-mail  info@hps-tr.com  website www.hps-tr.com

Edinkillie Sport Services Ltd
phone 01324 711747  e-mail: info@edinkillie.co.uk website www.edinkillie.co.uk

G.T.Shooting, Coulsdon, Surrey
phone& 020 8660 6843 e-mail info@gtshooting.co.uk website www.gtshooting.co.uk

Coordinator of the League
Ian C. E. Smythe  phone 01743 821 690 e-mail icesmythe@